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November 2008

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persephone_20 in mingling_hands

"I am going to write a story, a story of what was, and what has been, a story according to the ways I have seen it."

Darcy smiled at her computer screen, typing and thinking the words in her head. As she considered the larger story, her gaze slid across to the lil'un sitting on top of her computer machine, swinging legs back and forth, precariously close to the power button, even as he looked at her. Darcy could remember a time when she'd thought that anything working that hard to look innocent couldn't possibly be, and with most fairies, that theory appeared correct. Since Scratch, however, Darcy had begun to see differently.

The small fairy was often her companion, hiding from sight whenever any of her house mates, or people walking pasts her in the street, happened too close. Currently, he was fascinated by the glowing screen that was like a television, but not like a television. Fairies didn't much like televisions. They weren't able to comprehend why humans would give so much of their energy into a device that gave nothing back. Scratch, at least, understood that Darcy's computer was some kind of a recording device. And while he understood that much, he wouldn't 'accidentally' cause it to turn off before she'd saved her work... most of the time.

His eyes were already darting back and forth between Darcy and her computer as he waited for her to continue to write. Not that he could read English, of course, but he didn't need to.

"You're going to love this." Darcy thought it before she turned back to the computer and echoed the words in the Word document. Black words appeared on the white background. "A story where you feature and you have an influence over the writer." Out of the corner of her eye, she caught Scratch bobbing his head enthusiastically. She grinned.

Someone knocked at her bedroom door before she could write anything else down. Darcy waited until Scratch darted under her desk before answering the knock.

"Come in."

Talie smiled as she pushed open the door. "Just wanting to know if you needed anything from the shops. Me and Charlie are about to get bread and milk."

Darcy gave one of her more than daily thanks that her living situation here was so much better than her previous one. In recognition of the fact, she reached towards the bag that lay on her bed, even as she shook her head. "Here, though. I'll pitch in for the shopping."

Talie held her hand up before Darcy had the time to pull her wallet out of her bag. "Nope. You paid the last time. Catch you when we get back." Talie winked and excused herself from Darcy's room.

Moments later, the front door was opened and closed. Silence followed, until Scratch scrambled out from the desk and back onto his place on the computer machine. The lil'un's look up at Darcy was expectant.

Write more? he asked.

Darcy grinned, then pondered what she would write next.

"Once there was a girl, and she was strong..."