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Urban fantasy

Mm, vodka.

By which I mean: I wanted to make a community wherein I could use the words 'likeminded' and 'gathering' and definitely 'writing' and probably even 'friends' in the bio. I suppose this will do.

I love writing and I'm fascinated with fairy tales and myths and what people can do with them in modern settings- mythic fiction, Charles de Lint calls the genre. Urban fantasy- magic realism- whatever you want to call that kind of thing, that's what this community is about. How the world-we-see collides with the world-we-don't-see and what happens after.

But mostly, this is a writing-sharing community where other people can ooh and ahh and con-crit and enjoy each others work. It's like an ongoing urban fantasy anthology where people can bounce ideas off each other- create settings/story ideas/characters that others can share if the original author gives permission.

I also intended to post prompts of ideas and see what people do with them- Anyone can post prompts and no one has to do anything with them, I'd just like to see what happens.